It is a rainy rainy Saturday today.  We have actually been under flood watch all day so that means we all had to take extra care of goings out and comings in.  A few times today I thought the house was going to flood because the rain was soooo heavy and the winds were so strong but it worked out ok and not much water entered the house.  Our tanks had gotten to fill up again and had even overflowed so I am happy for that little silver lining beneath all those dark clouds today.

So we basically chilled at home all morning since we were unable to do anything.  Well.. the children and I chilled most of the morning hahaha.. My husband used the opportunity to dig up some vegetable beds.  While digging he realized he needed some rope in order to tie up some of the plants that were already there.  He decided to head to town to purchase some so I took the drive with him in order to haunt for the soft n’ silky hair gel. 

To my surprise .. not …. there was none of that gel anywhere.  But I ended up purchasing a few other items that I needed and wanted to get for a while now.  

Since I have not uploaded a video to YouTube in a while I decided to record my haul and shared it on there.

So to see the items that I got today, please click the link below.


I will definitely be doing some reviews of a few of the products that I got and as you will notice I took the brave step and purchased a hair colour *bites nails*… Nothing to drastically change my hair colour, just to bring it back to how I prefer it.  So I will be sure to share that with you all.

So there is still a lot more in store for #project365…  I am so excited that I have been able to keep at this so far and I look forward to sharing soooo much more with you guys.  Taking on this challenge has definitely got me back into the grove of writing and I am super excited about that.

Thanks for always stopping by.

Until Next Time Lovies




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