Here I was wondering what to write about today then I saw something which reminded me that today was the first Friday… And for some strange reason when I saw that all I could think of was those long time stories passed on from one generation to the other…

You know those stories and myths and beliefs that grandmas and the other folk pass on.. And those little things that we are told we “should not do or else”??  Yes.. those stories..

As soon as I saw the phrase first Friday what came to mind was the belief that involved going to the bushiwey (mouth of the river in Creole. . But I am sure I butchered the spelling haha).  The purpose of that visit would be to take a “bath” .. a bath that involved scrubbing yourself real good then throwing the cloth at your back -without looking back- in order to ward off evil spirits.  Like some would say “man them ah scrub down themselves till they skin turn red but them affi make sure to burn them spirits” haha

And you better believe that as little children we were sure to obey and do those things because we were told we had to and we actually believed that they worked.

Those included things like

If you enter the house through a door you make sure to exit using that same door or you will “tie” the house 

If you sweep your house too often or rest your bag on the floor it will make you broke

If you place your broom upside down no witch will enter the house 

If the Palm of your hands itch, you will get money  (left palm) or spend money  (right palm)

Enter the house by back so “nothing” will follow you 

If you open an umbrella inside your house you won’t get married 

And the list goes on and on…. 

Some of them seem so funny now that I am typing and I can’t help but laugh so hard. . because I opened umbrellas in the house so many times when I was younger and now I’m married.. and I don’t think I need to put my bag on the floor to be broke…hahaha

But what are some of the old wives tales in your part of the world?? Share with us in the comments below 


Until Next Time Lovies




Disclaimer: cover photo credit better.tv

5 thoughts on “OLD WIVES TALES !!

  1. These are really funny 😂 I’m Ghanaian and my mum always says things like “Don’t sing in the shower or your parent will die”. Though I don’t really believe it, it scared me enough to make me never do that! Apparently the real reason behind it was to make sure children don’t swallow soap.

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  2. Dwl…omg I love this… apparently Dominicans and Jamaicans have some very familiar myths…a lot of yours is what I also heard growing up..the umbrella one I have to laugh..I opened an umbrella in my house so many times and I’m married now.. one that I can definitely remember is “if you use rice water wash your face you can see duppy” hahaha
    Is it ok if I share this on my Facebook page? This brought back so many memories 😂😂😂

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