As promised I will be sharing a write up I have been working on after Hurricane Maria.  I am hoping to publish this one day so that it reaches a wider audience but for now I share with you, my readers, and hope you share with someone else.  I will post excerpts as part of my #project365 challenge so that it adds a little bit of thought provoking reading as well. 

If you have not read the introduction to this story you can check it out here.  Hope you get a sense of what happened with my family and friends during and after the storm and I ask that you all continue to keep us in prayer as our country heals.



It began on Monday September 18, 2017.  There had been an announcement the night before to have all schools and businesses closed so I knew we were in for it.  A category three they said…it would hit Dominica as a category three hurricane so we prepared for that.  But we were in for a much bumpier ride than we had prepared for.

The winds started the Monday afternoon.  We had already been without water since late the Saturday night.  By after three that afternoon a huge tree had already fallen, blocking passage to and from the neighbourhood.  My husband, Robert, and another man from the area ventured so as to clear the branches with a chainsaw to allow for easy passage before and after the hurricane.  The electricity went off at 5:25p.m and I knew it – I knew we were about to get stronger winds than had been forecasted the entire time. 

Then I saw that dreadful message.  The message that made me pause and take in a deep breath – “Maria has strengthened to a category five hurricane with winds of 165mph”.  Further research showed that it had also dropped further south and the entire island would most likely feel its direct wrath.

It was almost 8:00p.m and we had already been feeling the full effects of Maria.  She came with a vengeance, with howling winds and heavy rains.  And by 8:30 there was water seeping through the ceiling in our dining room.  Taking some sheets, Robert took a ladder and climbed into the “manhole” so as to place the sheets directly in the area the water was seeping through- and that seemed to have worked.  But that was not all.  The water passed through every tiny crack it could find and started filling the house.  In an effort to ease the water coming too far into the house we took the dirty laundry and placed at the bottom of the doors but that attempt proved futile- we could not stop it.  So we placed our bed in the middle of our master bedroom and the four of us sat there … and we prayed.  We sat, prayed and waited.

We could hear the sound of the trees cracking on the outside.  Our ears filled up with air and we kept encouraging the children to keep blowing out through their ear.  It was almost ten and during what seemed to be a calm we called a neighbour to find out how they were coping- “we lost our roof long time, and are awaiting the eye to run over to the nearest house” was the response.  A response that made Robert feel deep concern for the neighbours and made him uneasy because we had the same builder. 

Maria’s winds continued and were merciless and looking for revenge on everything in her way.  For a brief moment I panicked and felt afraid.  I looked at my two children and wondered what if? And the tears of fear came to my eyes.  “pas fait yo we’ew, ani chebay fort” (don’t make them see you, just hold on strong) Robert said to me.  I turned my head and waved my hands at my eyes in an attempt to hold the tears in.  But my daughter had seen the tears … “can I cry too mummy?” she asked… “ask daddy” was all my lips dared to utter for I had no words.  “Yes you can cry boo, but just know that we will be ok” Robert assured her and with those words the tears never came to her eyes and were dried from mine. . . .

(To be continued)


Stay Tuned for more of Chapter One *wink*


Until Next Time Lovies,



Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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  1. I remember when my friend from Texas (who work with air traffic) called and said to me ‘Jasmine I’m praying for your family tell them to be prepared its5 going to hit them directly’ I panicked. I kept calling you at every chance and I got and when contact was lost I was worried out my wits. Days without no contact, the worry turned into much tears and concern. I grabbed at the first opportunity I got to visit Dominica and can I tell you I was overwhelmed. The state of Dominica was deeply saddening (visited DA twice in October). I tip my hat to you all; it really was an ordeal. Btw that chapter was way too short lol

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  2. What a suspense.. persons who didnot experience the Hurricane can only imagine. I prayed every God forsaken say to hear from my grandparents. My heart was heavy not knowing what may have happened to them.
    I look forward to reading more and learning of others experience.


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