Back in 2017 when a few ads were released for movies upcoming in 2018 it seemed soooooo far away that I Kept saying “ man that is so long to wait for such a good movie to be out”.. Or I would sometimes say ” is it 2018 yet?” hahaha

But how quickly time flies… we are already in 2018 and those movies seem so much closer to viewing and the excitement to see them is growing even stronger.  So here are my top ten movies to look for this year.

Now let me just say here that Marvel Studios seems to be on a mission this year.  There are so many of their movies coming out this year and knowing Marvel they hardly disappoint.  So we already know it is going to be a great year for movies – and some really awesome movies at that…avengers__infinity_war__2018__poster_by_midiya42-dbihe3f

Avengers: Infinity War

Talk about grab your seat excitement… the Avengers unite to battle yet another enemy, the evil Thanos.  A battle which may very well be their most difficult yet





Black Panther

Now we always see the introduction in another film once the independent film is in the pipelines to be released.  From his introduction in Captain America: Civil War I had already known to expect to see him in action in his own film and I can’t wait


images (1)



Fifty Shades Freed 

I love a good romance that adds a little suspense and some drama at the same time.  The final in the trilogy sees Christian and Anna finally getting married but their life does not come without it’s share of problems – as always.  And with a Valentine’s Day release, I say that’s just perfect.




Ocean’s 8 

My husband was the one who mentioned this movie to me and I was like whaaaaattt !!! I have been a huge fan of the Danny Ocean trilogy so I rushed to view the trailer for this new movie which featured only women – *screams with excitement*.  The star filled cast makes this movie a definite must see for me.





The Incredibles 2

I can’t tell you guys how longggggg I have been waiting for this sequel.  Show us what Jack Jack can do already.  This film finally shows us the extent of little Jack’s powers and how the family fight battles together



X-Men: Dark Phoenix

It’s been two years since the last X-Men film ( X-Men Apocalypse), now Marvel comes with this intense film which shows Jean Grey as the dark Phoenix… It’s a little wait before the premier date but I look forward to it




Talk about eye candy!! hahaha.  He was introduced in the latest Justice League Movie and I am sure he was a big hero of the female viewers (myself included).  This independent film is still far from being on the big screen but I am definitely looking forward to what it has to offer.


images (3)


The New Mutants 

The trailer reminded me of X-men as well as the series gifted with a little scary/thriller mixed in.  Should be a good watch and the story line seems to be good as well




Now what would a year of movies be like without the release of a good thriller/horror.  While I am not a fan of these types of movies there are a few that spark interest and I may be tempted to watch


The Nun

Let me tell you all, the trailer of that movie alone had be already feeling afraid to see the next scene *bites nails*… but it seems to be a pretty good movie so I will watch early in the day after it is released so that I then have the rest of the day to forget about it hahaha

images (2)


The Strangers 2

Watching this film comes in two parts… I had not seen the first film when it was released because of my dislike for horror movies, so ofcourse I am going to have a look at the first one before looking at the sequel – so more horror for me *bites nails again*




So those are the ten movies that I count as “must see” for me this year.  I will of course look at a few others as they are released because there are some others that seem pretty interesting as well…

What are some of the movies you all are looking forward to watching this year? Comment down below to let us know.


Until Next Time Lovies




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