More often than not we are faced with situations that almost force us to go away from who we are and what we believe in.  

You all may have noticed that my tagline  has been “Dare to be You” since I decided to start blogging… that tagline did not come by accident… it came because I had to face situations where I had to chose to be who I am or fall in with what the crowd was doing. 

Have you ever been in a situation where you see a call coming to your phone and you feel hesitant to answer because you just know that the call is coming because of a favour?? Hahahaha but then you still answer because that’s who you are… You like helping people.. even if they are not the ones who help you when you need it..

But like I always remind myself the ones we help or show concern for may not necessarily be the ones who will help us ..but does that mean we stop caring?? No we don’t stop, we keep at it because that’s who we are.

Even at work you sometimes put in so much effort to help the people you serve but feel like the effort goes unnoticed by the people managing. .. but does that mean you stop serving? ?  At those times I just remind myself that I do it for the people I serve and not the people managing.

Constantly choosing to be true to yourself becomes a frequent, and most times, very rewarding decision.  Putting your moral values and beliefs first in every situation may not necessarily be the easiest, depending on the situation, but most times turns out to be the best decision.  

I remember leaving a job because I chose being me … I had been uncomfortable with certain things that happened which had gone against my beliefs and the choice to leave was difficult at first but became an easy one, although I was leaving without having another job to go to.

Daring myself every day to be ME no matter what situation presents itself is a choice… I know how to be mean but I choose to be nice… I know how to be selfish but I choose to be selfless and kind. . I know how to be angry but I choose to always wear a smile..

Being you is the best person that you can ever be and that should not be compromised no matter the situation.  So everyday I strive to be better than I was yesterday knowing that I aim to be the best version of MYSELF and nobody else.

So I say it to myself and I say it again to all of you reading….



Until Next Time Lovies


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