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I am already biting my nails with nervousness just typing this post to share with you all… I already know this is going to be nothing easy but…

…  I am challenging myself

I hardly took time for the blog and did not post as regular as I would have wanted to in 2017.  So this year, God’s willing, I am committing myself to writing and publishing at least one post every single day for the blog..  Yes you read right – that’s at least 365 posts this year.  I am calling it project 365 and whenever I post I will be using the hashtag #project365.  It will also encourage me to write on a wider variety of topics and share a lot more with my readers.

So hair, fashion and lifestyle topics will definitely continue but with my passion for things like poetry and cooking, I want to incorporate recipes, poems and a few “where to eat” segments as well … along with a few more topic areas and features 

I am actually getting excited 😆

I look forward to sharing and interacting with all of you.  

And to all my readers who are bloggers, would you join me on this challenge???.. let me know in the comments below if you are… that would be awesome since we could even collab on a few posts (now I am even more excited 💃)

Feel free also loves to let me know if there is any area of interest you may have and would want me to cover so I can include that as well.

So here’s to a year of blogging and sharing with you all. 

Cheers !!


Until Next Time Lovies


Disclaimer: “Project 365” photo in feature image credit to

1 comment on “365 DAYS OF BLOGGING ! !

  1. You can do it girl! I am looking forward to reading all 365!


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