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It has become somewhat a “tradition” or “custom” to set goals or make New Year’s resolutions at the start of every new year.  But those resolutions or goals prove pointless when we don’t see them through or don’t put in the effort to bring them to reality.

Resolutions and goals should be set keeping in mind that they should be easily attainable and not too far out of reach.  So how then does one go about setting goals for a new year??

I remembered one year I said my resolution was to “save more this year in order to build my savings”… guess what?? I think I spent more in that year than I did the year before. . Why??  because circumstances force us to take decisions we may not have planned to or did not intend to make.

So this year I am taking a different approach… I am declaring 2018 as my year of Thanksgiving.  For every day I am blessed to see I will give thanks and make the best of it in whatever way I can.  For every difficulty or challenge that will come my way I will face it head on and learn every lesson I can from it.  For every opportunity I am given to excel I will grab it and be my best.  For every moment I am given with family and loved ones I will make the most of it and cherish it… and most importantly for every second, minute, hour, day, week, month I am blessed to see I will give Praise and Thanksgiving.

So here’s to a Blessed and Prosperous 2018.

I wish all of you one hundred times what you wish for yourself and may the year bring you health, wealth, and much much more.

Until Next Time Lovies



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