Sometimes styling our natural hair can be so difficult and exhausting but whenever we put in the effort and time we tend to really, really love the outcome of the style.

That was me on a few days during the year… but then I remembered how much I loved seeing my hair in those styles and how much I loved trying out new hairstyles, so I put the exhaustion away and put in a style.  And not just on my hair but on my daughter’s hair as well.

I must say 2017 was indeed a good year for our hair and styling it.  As I look back on a few of those hairstyles I share with you all a few of them and hopefully a few may create an interest to try them.

I will also attach the link to the video compilation that you can look at as well for more styles and where you come across one you may like feel free to let me know in the comments section below if you would love to see a tutorial.  And let me know which of them you liked most.


Click below to view the video compilation


Until Next Time Lovies


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