For us natural hair girls, finding the right product that makes our hair “sing” can be an exhausting and, often times, daunting task.  With so many options out there and so many promises made the task becomes even more difficult on the quest to find that ideal product.

But for us in the Caribbean, well at least for me, we sometimes look further than our own soils in order to find the product that works not realising that what we seek could actually be right there within reach.

I have never been a huge fan of gels, but whenever I used it I reached for eco styler to give me that sleep look.  But during my recent trip to Trinidad I was in need of a gel and the nearest supermarket did not stock the eco styler gel.  So I reached for one and just hoped that it worked for me in order to achieve a twist-out in the quickest possible time because I had a mere five to six hours for it to set before heading out.

And so I grabbed the Soft N’ Silky styling gel.  I think seeing that it contained aloe did it for me and that day the other ingredients did not matter one bit because I needed to get my hair done.


So the twisting began…

And the more I twisted the more I realized my hands changing colour…. by the time I was done my hands were purple like grapes.

But we fast forward to today….

I was at home after work yesterday thinking of what to put in my hair to give it that beautiful twist-out without fear of it drying out…. because let me tell you, I have been seriously battling with dry hair lately and the elements at work do not lend to making it better, but that too shall pass.  Then my eyes fell on the gel sitting on my dresser and I remembered how I loved the way the twist-out had turned out that day in Trinidad… so I grabbed it.  And again the twisting began.. and again the purple hands appeared.

But while twisting, something said to me “check the label”.. just to see where the product is manufactured.  And there it was “made in Trinidad”.  A Caribbean made product right there within reach, yet sometimes we reach for the foreign , more expensive product.

Letting out my hair today to a well defined, moisturised, shiny and beautiful twist-out was a total win for me. 

I had put in nothing besides the gel because I had put in some of my petroleum jelly and castor oil mix the Wednesday night and placed it in two large cornrows for work yesterday.

The only con that I have found to this product is that it makes my hands purple.  But the hold, the mild but pleasant smell, the softness and shine it gives my hair and all that without the crunchy or dry feeling makes the purple hands so worth it… So I say bring on those “grape hands” any day.

So could this home grown, made in the Caribbean product be the best gel ever???  I have not tried many gels but this one is definitely my favourite for doing a superb twist-out.  I will venture into trying other styles and buns with it to see how it works and to determine if I will be just as pleased.

So Kudos to Langston Roach Industries Ltd. for this amazing product… it definitely gets a passing grade on my scale.

Have any of you tried the Soft N’ Silky gel before??? Comment below to let us know


Until Nest Time Lovies

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