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Today marks exactly three months since Hurricane Maria Devastated our beautiful Island.  I have been wanting to share this short “book” that I have been working on and think that today is as good a time as any to start sharing…  This is in the intro to the book but at the end there is a video clip which shows a little of my thoughts the morning following the hurricane.

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I had not been around to experience Hurricane David in 1979, but from all reports it was the worst hurricane to ever hit Dominica.  People spoke of major damage caused due to the 175 mph force winds that landed on Dominica on August 29 of that year.  From my childhood it was always the hurricane remembered for causing the most damage to our country.  But that record was about to be broken.  David was about to be dethroned from a title that he held in Dominica for many years.

“Maria! Maria! she reminds me of a west-side story”- a song by the popular Carlos Santana- a song with an upbeat melody which created a sense of “the need to sing along” whenever you heard it.  “Ave, Maria” – many sing in such sweet refrain at church and out. “Maria” – third name of my second born and a name that she wears proudly.  But the way we looked at Maria was about to change . . .

There are many stories to be told from that day and I will attempt as much as possible to highlight as many of those stories as I am able to so that there is a true understanding – an emotional understanding – of what actually happened that night.  By documenting my family’s experience and that of others I am hoping that it creates an avenue to look back on that piece in our history which may be the single most impactful event that may bring the most change to our country as we knew it.  

There is much work to be done and it will take many years to recover, but where there is life there is hope and hope springs eternal.

So as you continue reading over the next few parts/chapters, I urge you to immerse yourself and allow yourself to feel every emotion that jumps at you from the pages – cry if you need to – because this is more than just words – it is the reality of The Wrath of Hurricane Maria!!

See video clip below…


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