When I thought of writing this post I had intended on putting it as a top twenty favourite Christmas films.  But then I decided to google Christmas movies and realised that there are soooo many other Christmas / Holiday movies out there that I have never really gotten the chance to watch because I have always been comfortable with and hooked on the few that I looked at over and over during the holidays.  

In light of this I will make an effort this year to look at a few of the other movies I have not taken the time to watch so that I catch up with the other movies out there that are considered to be Holiday Classics.

But for now here are my top seven holiday films to watch… So grab some popcorn and get to binging

1.  The Nativity Story


This movie ofcourse brings the reason for the season.  The story of the birth of Jesus Christ.  No doubt one of the first movies to watch so as to understand the story behind the season we celebrate and observe.

2.  Home Alone


Good old classic that offers tons of humour.  This film is a must see every Holiday season and I never grow tired of it.  Kevin demonstrates in this film that he will do what it takes to prevent thieves from getting into his house while he is at home alone because he was forgotten by his family who left for vacation.  Lots of Laughs as he puts the “bandits” through a hard time

3.  The Santa Clause


This is a close second to Home Alone.. Tim Allen’s already comedic character brings a nice touch to this family film.  His reaction to his transformation from “skinny” to “fat” is hilarious and Charlie’s apparent acceptance and the ability to spend more time with his dad makes the movie sing some wonderful family principles.

4.  The Family Man


This movie always makes me ask the question – “what would my life be like if I had made one decision differently”.  This film allows us to follow Nicholas Cage acting as Jack Campbell.  He had been a workaholic with no family.  But a change in his life brings to him the importance of family; so much so that after that view of his alternate life he goes in search of his love in order to make things right.  Great romantic family film with some humour mixed in

5.  The Santa Clause 3


Yes Mr. Jack Frost… Jack frost in this film tries to steal Christmas and commercialize it.  Tim Allen uses the same tricks that Jack frost used in order to re-claim his santa clause title and bring Christmas back to what it was.

6. The Best Man Holiday


Though this is pretty new to my list, I love the story line and message that it offers.  Catching up with the lives of the crew, the sequel to “the best man” movie brings the message of forgiveness and the importance of family and friends.  Lance had hated Harper from the first film and the sequel brings them together as Mia wants everyone around her as she is ill and knows that she is about to die.  It also teaches that life is a cycle and when one dies another is born.. Lots of emotional parts of this movie and I cry every time I look at it

7. Fred Claus


It would appear that I love a good laugh during the season hahaha.  This film gives Vince Vaughn – Fred- the opportunity to make things right with his brother Paul Giamatti – Santa Clause – as he is ailing.  With much hesitation Fred ventures to the North Pole but ends up saving the day

So there you have it… My top seven all time favourite Holiday Movies

What are some of your favourite Movies?? Let us know below



Until next time Lovies

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