Justice League the Movie – Review 2017

My sister was the first one who told me about Justice League because she had seen the promo ad before I did… So naturally I waited in anticipation for what I expected to be an epic superhero movie for the year.  I mean looking at the animated films and episodes I could not help but expect greatness and the same level of battle and audience catching story lines that I have oh so enjoyed.

I really wanted to like it, I really did but Alas … I was utterly disappointed

I sat looking at the movie and wanting more… but before I knew it, it was over and that “more” never came.

1. The beginning of the movie was way too long.  Too much time was spent on back stories I think… For us who have been following these superheroes for many years we would have an idea by now of the links created from one movie to another… so to take over half hour doing introductions and back stories was a bit much.

2. What was with the Flash?? Now… this part may sound a bit racist, but I swear I am not… but I could not have helped saying what was with the half Chinese flash though???  I had never imagined that twist because every single Flash I have seen looks American… and I may be somewhat have a bias to Grant Gustin because he is so awesome in the series.  But I guess the change in appearance may have had a reason for it so ok… (please don’t come at me for this.. I thank you)

3. The effects were poor – I mean what was going on with the way the flash was moving?? I was not sure whether his legs were going or coming and the lightening was just meh…  Again, the series had me really expecting more from the flash.  And what about that villain Steppenfoot?? I still don’t get him 

4. Let’s talk about Batman… what was with that timid, almost begging for help character??  Where was that arrogant, I am smarter and stronger than all of you character??  where was that “I am Batman” deep voice intro we all look forward to whenever there is batman movie?? Oh how I longed for that Batman throughout the entire movie


photo credit movieweb.com

5. Then superman was brought back to life – and ofcourse the cliché that Lois Lane will be there to help him remember and come back to his normal self was nothing short of expected.

6. The characters were not at all memorable… I can’t remember anything any of them did during that movie that jumps at me and makes me remember them.. wait let me think for a minute …….. Nope, nothing.  But I do remember, though, how good Jason Momoa looked as Aquaman hmm hmm hmm *hides face*



photo credit movieweb.com


photo credit movieweb.com

7. The final battle was a total let down… I mean Steppenwolf’s first battle saw him fighting against Amazonians, Humans, Atlanitians and even gods – gods – and they were in large numbers and had to put up a big fight in order to defeat him.  Yet we saw six people.. six people.. beat him in battle in such little time..  And I would not even call that beating because it was his own fear that brought his downfall by the very creatures he had created.


photo credit movieweb.com

So overall I give the movie a 5 on 10 – and I think that is even being generous.  I am typing this and still wanting more from the movie and still wondering what I liked about it so I could include it here… It just lacked that “something” that would have made it grab your attention and make you sit on the edge of your sit with excitement.

So we await and see what next DC has in store for us.. And let’s hope the 2018 release of Aquaman yields better ratings.

Have any of you looked at the film?? What were your thoughts?? Let us know down below..



Until next time Lovies



2 thoughts on “Justice League the Movie – Review 2017

  1. I was utterly disappointed with this film. DC just needs to stop while they’re at it. They have some really good characters but bringing them to life – man they do a very poor job. Marvel is boss at the action films, perhaps they should tear a page from their book. Im tired of DC’s drawn out films and their one or two action scenes that dont make up for the rest of the movie. I am in total agreement with you about Batman. I prefer the bat’s arrogant behaviour because that’s what made him who he is over the years. Gal Gadot just always becomes a ray of sunlight on a cloudy day. Even in real life, man she’s a goddess. Jason Mamao mmm mmm mmm that guy is just some real good eye candy. I think i started enjoying the film lusting over his goodness and Gadot’s presence. But it sucked….big time.

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