Mane Crush Monday !!

Hi Lovies …

Today I am happy to feature one of my followers who has been with me for quite some time.  She hails from the island of Montserrat and her name is Jeanne Williams.

She had this long beautiful hair that stood at mid back length …



Hair length post big chop

But when she told me recently that she had cut off all her hair I was shooookkkkk… I loved how the cut fit her – because it fits really really nicely…. but I was shooookkkk



Big chop

But health over length is what I always say.  She made that decision because of constant itching and dandruff that she started experiencing recently.  And just like that the three plus years of growth that she had was gone in an instant.

But with her simple, yet effective, routine she plans to nurse her hair back to health.  She uses no shampoo and favours bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar for cleansing.  Her routine includes massaging her scalp nightly using hemp oil… then in the mornings wash it out with some luke warm water and a bit of conditioner and proceed to style.  For moisturizing she uses castor oil and a tea-tree leave in conditioner.  Simple and effective, as she has already start seeing and feeling the changes in her hair and scalp.

So cheers to this week’s Mane Crush Monday Feature Ms. Jeanne Williams and her gorgeous Mane.




Until next time Lovies.

Remember ” Dare to be YOU”



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