Nursing my Natural Hair Back to Health – Hot Oil Treatment !!

Hi Lovies….

So if you read my last post on Hair Porosity you would know that I am embarking on this new “hair journey” to bring my hair back its former state.

The after effects of Hurricane Maria left my hair in an almost unmanageable state and I paid no attention to it and did not give it the necessary care that it needed.

I have decided to pay more attention to the needs of my hair because with everything that is going on we still have to remember to take care of ourselves in order that we remain focussed on what is important – Life…..  We still have life to be thankful for so we move on knowing that better days are ahead.

The dryness had made my hair so brittle that the shedding became so excessive and unbearable that cutting was an option  – which crossed my mind quite a few times.  So rather than cut, the health journey began.

Shed hair from detangling the Saturday morning before work .. yikesss

So this journey begins …

Now as most of you know I am still without running water at home so you can well imagine that this journey will not be an easy one at least for the next few weeks into months.  But to start off, a hot oil treatment was my choice because I needed to bring back some form of moisture into my hair and hot oil treatments have always done that for me.  I honestly took every single oil that I could find at home to include in this treatment hahahaha… Castor Oil, Oilve Oil, Coconut Oil, the Ayurvedic  Almond oil to name a few.  Every one of them served a different purpose so they were in that mix.

Mix of oils

I left the oils in my hair overnight with a shower cap on and tied it with my satin scarf.  Now, that was last Saturday night.. so you better believe when I got up for church on Sunday and I was already running too late to rinse of the oils and wash, I tied up my head with a head scarf and headed for church

heading to church

And so the struggle began …



With no running water I had to take my rinsing and co-washing session outside.  I used my all time favourite Tresemme Flawless Curls Conditioner to co-wash… but washing on the outside was no easy task because the sun hitting my back was torture and the constant bending was a strain, but it had to be done.



But the end result was soft, shiny and manageable hair and the minimal shedding was an added plus that I really really appreciated..  I followed up with using the Shea Moisture JBCO leave in Conditioner and my home made Shea and Cocoa Butter Cream to moisturize.   And for the first time in weeks my hair felt alive.. it felt like it was already getting to where I wanted it to be.

Shed hair after treatment… yayyyy
Juicy twists!!!


I left those twists in for the entire week and pinned it up daily for work.  I never re-twisted and never re-moisturized so I was certainly pleased to let out my hair today into this beautiful shiny and bouncy twist-out.



So the Journey continues… stay tuned for more updates as I embark on taking my hair back to its former state.


Until Next Time Lovies…

Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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