Does Hair Porosity Really Make a Difference in Hair Care ?!?!

I had never been one to fall into the “science” of taking care of my natural hair.   I was always of the view that once something works for your hair then that’s all you need.  But Hurricane Maria was about to change all that…

I found that post Hurricane Maria the methods I used in my hair prior to the hurricane were doing nothing to protect my coils.  The dry, hot and very dusty days at work did not lend to the health of my hair but what made it worse was that I did not pay attention to the damage.  I went along putting my hair in buns, not properly detangling, not worrying about giving it the extra moisture, and plain and simple ignoring to take “extra” care of it considering the changes in environment we had.

But I came across an article one day while scrolling through Facebook and decided to click on it because I had seen it five too many times and felt it might be “talking” to me hahaha…  Then the more I read the more I saw my hair jump from those words….

The article was on hair porosity, and knowing your hair porosity in order to properly take care of your hair.  What really had me reading more was the part which noted “that low porosity hair takes time to absorb water and moisture”… with hands on chin I thought back to a Sunday we went to river… I had put my hair underneath the water at least three times and came back out feeling like a character in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie – my hair was dry – dry to the point I was questioning whether I had really put my head underneath the water…. In an attempt to get the water in I started passing my hands through the hair while under the water and that’s what helped – and my hair finally felt wet…

In remembering that episode, I started researching, and the more I read the more I could see the qualities of my hair.  But I kept asking myself “does the hair porosity really make that big a difference?”

So I decided to put it to the test….

In all that reading I came across a test that can be used to identify the levels of porosity in one’s hair so I figured why not try it… and try it I did…

My hair was clean and dry with absolutely no product in… I took off a strand and placed it in a glass of water.  Lo and behold the hair stood at the top of the water and did not budge…




After about three minutes I took one finger and pushed it down to the middle of the glass – almost wanting it to tell me that my hair is medium/normal porosity– but that did nothing for the cause as the strand came floating right back up to the top…  I was shocked.. Had Maria changed the porosity of my hair?  Is it possible for hair porosity to change over time?  And the research continued.

But after reading so much about hair porosity I decided to take on the challenge to “Nurse my Hair back to health”..  I had honestly ignored it since the passing of Hurricane Maria and had stopped the Ayurvedic  growth challenge I had started because we had no running water, and still don’t.  But even in the absence of water I have realized that there are still ways to take care of my hair and have it healthy and give it a chance to grow. 

I will share later posts with you all and will essentially have it as a “Nursing my Natural Hair back to Health” series which will include some products and techniques to cater to low porosity hair as well… so look out out for more on my journey to getting my hair back to its former healthy state following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

What about you?? Have you had similar experiences with your hair? What about hair porosity.. Do you think it makes a difference?  Let us know below.

Until next time Lovies…


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