Finding Your Happiness !!

While driving through town the other day, I found myself deep in thought about the amazing things that had happened in the past few weeks.  In those thoughts my face held a smile that could not be removed and I could feel my lips curl a little further with every situation that ran through my mind. My daughter, who sat in the back with her brother and must have been paying close attention to my expressions, asked me .. “mummy, why are you always smiling?”… I felt my face lit up and my smile grew even wider at her question and I responded  …

“because there is always something to be happy about boo… no matter what happens and no matter how hard things get, there is always something to smile about”

Saying those words to her made me remember so much… and in that one moment I flashed back to an episode I had seen on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday a few years back which featured happiness coach Shawn Achor  and I remembered him saying . . .

. . . happiness is a choice

Back to the present and I get lost in my thoughts again and ponder on my daughter’s question.  My smile does not always mean that I don’t have problems or I don’t have stresses from everyday life.  It means that even with all the hardships, all the negativity and all the pain, I choose to be happy.  I choose to be happy because no matter what goes on around me, there is always, always something to be happy about.  To steal a line from Charlotte in the “Sex and the City” movie – I may not feel happy all day every day, but I feel happy every day.

Happiness is something that comes from more than the external forces around you.  It is something that comes from within and then spreads to everyone around you.  Finding happiness means searching deep within and making yourself content with what’s on the inside.  I often times found myself clinging to the external to find happiness and where I did not find it I sadly slumped into anger, depression, sadness and even self doubt.  But over the years I have “trained” myself to find my own happiness.  I still fall short at times, but for the most part I make myself happy no matter what, and faith, prayer and the ultimate trust in God have played major roles in that happiness.

You all remember the movie The Pursuit of Happiness right?? That movie, based on a true story, demonstrates perfectly how in spite of life’s struggles and challenges we keep positive and know that we will get better … and that even in those struggles we keep ourselves happy. 

Now, I am not saying it is easy, because I too had a difficult time finding my happiness, but it is indeed rewarding.  Remember, when even one person becomes positive it makes it much easier for others around them to become more positive. . .

. . . A fire starts with a single spark – so choose to be a spark that awakens your fire of happiness, then spread that happiness to others around you. 

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