Let’s Talk Health – An Apple A Day …

Today I found myself strangely eating an apple, and a red one at that… I guess because I grew tired of seeing it in the refrigerator and figured why not…

But while eating, I remembered this riddle/meme  that was shared on Facebook that made me laugh so hard..

Image may contain: text

Hahahahahaha… I am still laughing…  But in the midst of that laughter I thought to myself, what really are the health benefits of eating apples.  From growing up we always hear “an apple a day keeps the Doctor away” but what exactly does the apple do that keeps them away?  

So I turned to google to read a little and there it was.. too many sites listing the health benefits of apples for me to be able to keep up.  So I just clicked the first site listed which was an article from best health mag… And upon opening and reading I was literally like

But I was amazed to see the benefits that apples really have and the site listed the following as benefits of apples..

1. For whiter, healthier teeth

2. Avoiding Alzheimer’s

3. Protect against Parkinson’s

4. Curb all sorts of cancers

5. Decreases the risk of diabetes

6. Reduces cholesterol

7. For a healthier heart

8. Prevents gallstones

9. Beat diarrhea and constipation

10. Neutralize irritable bowel syndrome

11. Avert hemorrhoids

12. Control your weight

13. Detoxify your liver

14. Boost your immune system

15. Prevent cataracts

(For full article visit the page here.)

But it is indeed amazing to read about the benefits that one fruit can offer… So guess who is gonna be eating a whole lot more apples from now one ?!?! Yup.. this girl right here. hahaha.


Have a blessed Day Loves


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