Is Natural Hair The New “Normal”?!?!

I went into a financial institution today and my goodness the lines were long…. And added to that I noticed about 9 new faces standing there like they were being trained to fill in available positions.  I did not, however, let the length of the line dampen my spirits because I know the institution to be very quick and efficient in service.

But two things struck me though while following the line.

Firstly, that of the nine new faces I saw, I only noticed there was one guy… yes only one guy.  Why one?! I wondered for a minute then continued with the questions in my mind and was hoping that others were asking too so I would feel less weird.  But I wondered why are the teller positions so often  populated with young ladies?? Is it that the young men prefer to be in the background of things??? And the questions continued in my mind for a few minutes.

But I took a minute to look at each of the trainees closely and the second thing that struck me, and what stood out most for me, was that ALL the young ladies being trained were wearing their natural hair.  Yes.. their curly, kinky, coily all Natural hair.  I saw puffs, I saw buns, I saw halo braids, I saw twists.  And I am standing in line in total awe and all I could say was WOW!!!!  I noticed too that some of the already established tellers were sporting their natural hairstyles as well…

I could not help but think.. Has Natural hair become the new “Normal”?!?!  And I felt my lips curl into a smile.

Now, I know you may ask here – “what do you mean has it become the new normal? what is normal anyway?”  Simply put.. For so many years it has been a norm to see women with straight hair serving in the front line at the financial institutions.  And even when they have natural hair they were to wear it in a way that was “fitting” to the banks determination and definition of “neat and tidy”.

But today proved otherwise…  It showed that a young lady can wear a puff and still look professional as a front line person in a bank..

Seeing this today was indeed refreshing and it brought a smile to my face because I thought wow, women are more and more embracing their hair in all it’s “naturalness”.  And added to that it had become accepted by the institution.

When it was my turn and I got to the teller, she too was wearing her natural hair, and I mentioned what I had noticed .. She looked around in awe because she had not even noticed before…

So rock on my natural sisters… 

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