OECS Launches OECS-YES!!!

It was by some form of fate or divine intervention that I came across the OECS-YES page on Instagram on Friday 24 June 2016.  Browsing through the page to see what it was about, I noted that the program was in the process of receiving applications for digital interns to push the program. And guess what?! The deadline to apply was two hours from when I first saw the page… now is that fate or what!?!  So ofcourse, I wrote up an application and forwarded it for consideration.  A week later I received an e-mail informing me that I was selected as one of the interns for the program…  My face lit up with joy and excitement and I could not help but feel blessed and thankful for the opportunity. 

“OECS YES was created with the goal of fostering the development of a Youth Empowered Society. Through OECS YES, we hope to encourage, support and propel youth innovation and development to create a brighter future for our region.

As part of this initiative we will be seeking youth opinions and involvement on the following issues:

* YES I EARN – Employment & Entrepreneurship
* YES I LEARN – Education & Training
* YES I MOVE – Healthy Lifestyles
* YES I EXPRESS – Creativity & Culture
* YES I MATTER – Child & Youth Protection
* YES I INHERIT – Environment & Sustainable Development
* YES I BELONG – Citizenship & Identity “

The Mission of OECS YES is “to create an enabling environment and expanding opportunities for all the youth of the region to realize their potential and fulfill their responsibilities” (from OECS YES Facebook Page)

Stay connected for updates on DIY Discussions which will be held as part of the initiative.  This month the pillar is “Yes! I Express” and will feature topics in the areas of creativity and culture.

I am so grateful for this opportunity because I have a strong passion for helping the youth and exploring avenues to help improve the standard of living for our young people, not just in my country, but throughout the region.  

I look forward to this internship and being able to make a meaningful difference and impact positively on the lives of the youth.

I will be sure to give you further details and information as time progresses and appreciate your support on this venture.

So I say YES to OECS-YES


Talk to you soon Lovies,

singature for blog



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