Summer Adventures Begin !!

Hi Lovies,

As part of getting outside, my family always does various outings during the summer.  We explore and visit various sites in our beautiful country, Dominica, during the summer vacation.  So while some travel abroad, we vacation right here in our beautiful country.. a “staycation” it is commonly called.

This past week-end we took a head start on our summer adventures and decided to join the St. Alphonsus Scout Troop who was having a hike to the Boeri Lake.  We ended up getting to the site late because of some vehicle trouble and had to walk the trail on our own.. But that made great for a family hike.

The hike took just under two hours to get there and back.  I tell you, I think my little cuties are more fit than I am because while I was there “huffing and puffing” they were strong and going at it, stopping only for water breaks.. hats off to them..

Here are a few pics from the hike

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You can also view the full vlog below



Kisses Lovies,

singature for blog

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