Hair Challenge – Finger Detangling!!

Hi Lovies,

The past few weeks have been so hectic and tiring.

I went from  late nights studying for exams to planning my son’s birthday party.  So after weeks of little sleep and feeling so fatigue, I could not help but really enjoy the sulphur water when we decided to go to the Screw’s sulphur spa last night, and my hair loved it too.  But I was still so tired when we got home from the spring I fell asleep before I did anything to my hair.  Not even to put big chunk twists in there or tie with my satin scarf so that it dries without frizzing.  And I woke up this morning and I almost cried… my hair felt sooo dry and sooo hard.  It had shrunken into a ball of steel wool, and I mean the hard type  …. And this right there is why ensuring that you stick to a nightly moisturizing routine is important .. so that the hair remains soft and manageable..

I was honestly afraid to put a comb in there… it needed to be washed but I was so afraid to begin.  I looked at it, felt it and put off washing it till about mid day.. Then I got my coconut oil and decided to put some in before I washed but still wondered how to begin.  So I started adding the oil using only my fingers to make separations to add the oil…  Right at that point I figured you know what, if there were ever a time to try finger detangling, now is as good a time as any.  I added the coconut oil, doing some light finger detangling and putting in some chunky twists.  After about an hour I did my wash and deep condition using finger detangling and it actually was not as bad as I thought it would be, very time consuming, but not bad at all.

And so begins the hardest challenge I will take on so far with my hair.

I love combing my hair, I love running my comb through my hair and feeling it on my scalp so finger detangling had never been something I wanted to try.  But I have read so much about the benefits and after my sister mentioned that her recent month of finger detangling worked for her and seeing how it helped me today in my “steel wool” dilemma, why not!!

I am seriously not going to put a time frame on this challenge because I could last one day, one week or even one month (umm a month is a bit extreme but we’ll see)

So wish me luck guys … challenge finger detangling has begun.

Comment below to leave some tips and whether finger detangling has worked for you and  share what benefits you noticed.


Kisses Lovies,

singature for blog


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