Happy Monday !!

Hi Lovies,

And a blessed Monday to all of you…

You know, Monday has been a dreaded day for so long and for so many reasons.  And when I wrote the post  “Positivity” a few months back I touched a little bit on the “dreaded Monday”.

But think for a bit,  if Tuesday were the first day of the work week, would we not dread it the same way we dread Mondays now??? yes, yes we would..  Why?  because it signals the end of restful days and the beginning of another work or school week.  But wait!! what about those who work on week-ends and don’t have those rest days, isn’t Monday just another work day for them??

So guess what?! Monday is just another ordinary day, and all the dreading that goes with that day has to do with our own way of looking at it.

Over the past few months I started looking at Mondays very differently and it has greatly helped in changing my view of the day.  And coming  across this pic online just summed it up so nicely and brought my thoughts to life.



So today I share with you my letter by letter breakdown of how I see my Mondays and hope that it helps you in some way in dealing with and changing your view of Mondays.

M– make it great

O-optimism over all else

N– no negativity zone

D – determination is key

A – achieve your goals

Y – you are my day and I’m gonna own you

So let’s view Monday as another day to see the beauty in all around us and in all that we do.  Another day to reach our goals that we have set out for ourselves.  Another day to be alive and be thankful for everything.

So today I wish you a blessed “You-Day” because it is your day…


How do you look at Mondays and was this helpful??

Leave a comment to share.



Kisses Lovies,

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2 thoughts on “Happy Monday !!

  1. Great post! I just finished writing my most recent post about bullying and my personal story of hope. Would love for you to check it out. Keep in touch!

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