For Love of Stars !!

Hi Lovies,

Now I have a sister who loves planets, stars, ocean.. just everything to do with the universe.  I even told her she needs to go study astronomy and be in the field that she is obviously overly passionate about.

So when she mentioned to me on Monday morning “hey, if you guys happen to see a black dot on the sun today its Mercury!! I hope I get to see it #excited”.. my response was “ehh, that means I have to look up into that hotness” hahaha

But look up I did.. And guess what?! I should not have hahaha because it was hotness for real and this is not advised…

But I could not help think that we are witness to some of the most amazing things and sometimes we don’t even take time to see them or appreciate them.

I decided to follow up her excitement with some research and being unable to access the equipment that is required to view this event, I came across a site that was actually carrying the live broadcast of the transit of Mercury.  So I clicked and there it was.. the little black dot…

Mercury began its transit at 7:12 am EST and will take about 7.5 hours to fully cross the sun’s face, finishing at 2:42 pm.  The last transit was November 2006.

I was so amazed when I really saw the black dot I was like mannnnn… this is so amazing.. at that moment I dreaded not being able to actually see it through my own eyes because it would have been an incredible moment to see.

To those of who are interested in such, you can view using the link below since we have some time left before the end of the event.


Live Stream of Transit of Mercury 2016.. Slooh

Kisses Lovies,

singature for blog

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