NaturaSista Sunday!!!

Hi Lovies,

Today we travel to Trinidad and holla at my girl Ms. Tshenelle Bethel aka Nelly B.

Now she labels her blog as “a day in the life of a plus sized naturalista”.  From the first day I saw that slogan I said to myself girrrllllll please you ain’t plus size.. you are a thick madame hahaha… she reminds me so much of Mo’Nique in the movie Phat Girlz because she exudes so much confidence, beauty and grace.

Say Hello to this week’s NaturaSista Tshenelle Bethel …Isn’t she Lovely???


Photo Credit : Gellineau Creative


Tshenelle is one the admins of the Caribbean People with Natural Hair group on Facebook and has been such an inspiration to all within the group.  She recently shared her hair struggle on her blog and I found her story to be so inspirational that I was almost  moved to tears when I read it.  She always believes in sharing information with all within the natural hair group as well as the Caribbean YouTubers group.. “sharing is caring” she always says.. a phrase that has stuck with me.

She blogs at A Day in the Life of Nelly B. and also hosts a YouTube channel.

Now let me tell you.. this sista right here makes me wish I were in Trinidad and sometimes make me feel like moving there.  She speaks so much of the local merchants and their products I sometimes really wish I could see it.  Her latest video on YouTube for example featured the vendors at a South Market held recently (see video below).  I found it to be so moving that she featured the vendors, giving them an added avenue to speak about their products.. Kudos!!



You can catch up Tshenelle on Facebook and Instagram @blessednelly and YouTube at Blessednelly.

Thank you Tshenelle for being a real NaturaSista… and for being  such an inspiration to all of us …  Keep up the good work.


Kisses Lovies,

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