Am I my Brother’s Keeper?!?!

Hi Lovies,

I had decided I was taking a break from blogging but being witness to two situations today I could not help but write about it.

The first situation was seeing someone throw a towel to the floor about two feet from a waste bin.  When I asked why are you throwing it on the floor? “because it’s not good is to throw” was the response.  So my follow up question was “then why not put it in the bin, it’s right there?.. “if I put it in there then the cleaners won’t have work to do” REALLY!?!?.. my response was but they are human too and we can throw those little things away.

Situation number two.. there is a man who repairs shoes by the roadside whom I greet on a daily basis.  This afternoon was no different and upon greeting him he started talking and we ended up having a long and rather thought provoking conversation.  While talking, someone stops in a vehicle and asks whether he is the one who had placed some shoes at a location..  He said yes and attempted to further explain that he had gotten permission from the owner of the house to place them there temporarily, but the person on the vehicle was not interested in what he had to say….  “You better remove them from there, is not that we build the house for… and tomorrow I passing, and if when I pass they still there I putting them by the road” ..and drove off  WOWWW.. REALLY!?!?

I stood there in disbelief… I could not believe that this man was spoken down to in that manner… neither could I believe the thinking towards the cleaner.

And what made the situation even harder for me to see was that this gentleman was just saying to me how hard it is seeing how our people have become.  He was just saying that we should respect everyone because today we may be working in an office and tomorrow we may end up picking up garbage so we should treat everyone equal… and right before my eyes this person spoke down to him because they felt they were superior to him and wanted to exercise that power.

“But Why??” I asked myself as I walked to my destination.  Why did this person find it necessary to speak to the man that way.  Then I started thinking about what he said and started remembering situations in my own life that just makes me shake my head.  It’s like we become so consumed with the authority of an office that we forget that “human” side of us that asks that we treat each other with respect.  We become so consumed with “I am able to fire you” or “I am able to take you to court” that we  don’t take time to understand a person’s situation and how our egos may affect their entire life.

I was walking and so many things went through my head.  As I played those two situations in my head over and over it just led me to ask myself “am I my brother’s keeper?”  I too am not without fault, but I do my best to be kind, respectful and polite to everyone I meet.  I do my best to see everyone as an equal no matter what they do in life or what career they choose.  We can’t all have an office job or be in an “ideal” job.. but then again what is the ideal job?  What should we consider a job “worth” being in???  To some the job that is considered “ideal” is the job that makes you the most miserable and unhappy… I was once in a job I thought was a “good job” in fact some people called it a “great job”.. until I started seeing the injustice that was going on around me and no matter how I tried to make it better no one wanted it to change.. and that job made me unhappy, very unhappy.. so what did I do?? I left… why? because my moral values and my “humaness” made it hard to stand by and not be able to do anything about what was happening around me.

Respect is one of the qualities that everyone should be given no matter what walk of like that person is in or chooses.  It is in those little things that we live the Christianity that we so often claim.  We have to understand and appreciate that we are all unique with unique talents and no one person should feel that they are worth more than another because they have become elevated to a position of authority.  And you know what makes it worse??? Some of the people who look down on others started from humble beginnings and grew to make themselves better over time…. Thus the saying “don’t forget your past and where you came from”  because it is that past that motivated you and inspired you to become the person that have become.  So rather than look down on someone else, let’s try to uplift where we can so that we can motivate and inspire someone facing the same struggles we faced at one point in our lives, in order to get to where they want to be.

So with this post Lovies,  I think my break is officially over… There is too much to write about…  I am not done with my studies for the semester and have not done my exam yet but time management is going to become my best friend.

Talk you all soon…



Kisses Lovies,

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One thought on “Am I my Brother’s Keeper?!?!

  1. This is the world we live in, quite sad to say the least. I have learnt to speak to the manager in the same tone that I speak to the janitor or the person on the road side. Everyone wants to be respected and feel ‘human’. Who are we to think that we are superior beings over anyone? Alas my heart hurts for the shoemaker. These people are working hard to make it in life, yet they are face with that negative vibe from so many people just because they are shoemakers, cleaners, etc etc. We are supposed to be in fact our brother’s keeper, but where have our acts of kindness gone that our parents tried to instill in us? I continuously say prayers for humanity, slowly we are losing our way. Good article mumnatural

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