This Darn Flu!!!

Hi Lovies,

So this flu is getting ridiculous now… I swear it just loves me and everytime it comes it brings in  something new.  This time, which is the third time in the past three months I am getting the flu, it decides to attack my sinuses.  And with my already tiny nose, you can well imagine my difficulty with breathing.  hahahaha

But seriously guys I am not pleased, I am not pleased at all about this so it’s time for some intervention.  I think I need to definitely venture to strengthen my immune system so as to again be able to withstand the common cold when it is around.  And that intervention starts today…

I started my day today with a healthy drink, which mainly included moringa leaves and mango.  I put in some flax seeds in there along with some cinnamon for a little kick.  I added no sugar since the sugar from the mango was enough.


The drink actually tasted much better than I thought it would.  I just decided to mix these various items since I know them to be good for general health and just said “why not whip them together into a drink??” and lo and behold I found my drink for today…


Not forgetting the inclusion of a daily multivitamin supplement in order to provide the extra vitamins, I will be taking the Women’s One a Day to assist in that area.


So project “strengthen the immune system” is on.  I think over the past couple of months I have become a bit laid back in my healthy intake of foods and this has resulted in fatigue, weight loss and this constant  flu that keeps on visiting, not forgetting those pesky pimples I am now treating.  I always stress the importance of eating healthy for general good health and because of the demands of studies I have somewhat turned a blind eye to that advice somewhere along the way, so this ends today…

Will be sure to keep you guys updated on results as time goes along so that it provides some help or some tips if you are looking to do the same.  What do you take as strengthening foods??

Now off to the market we go to find those fresh fruits and vegetables …


Kisses Lovies,

singature for blog


Author: MumNatural

On a Journey to be the best version of me that I can be. Embracing the natural in and around me and bringing hope to all who need it.

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