Facial Care Routine

Hi Lovies,

So I started my facial care routine today..

Let me just say that if the next week is gonna be so good to my face then I will definitely stick to this routine for the long haul.

As part of this new routine I actually made rose water, yes Lovies I made rose water for this routine.  This was my first time making it and found that it turned out pretty well (will do a separate post for how I made it)



Remember I mentioned moringa to you in my battle post? Turns out that combined with the rose water it makes an awesome cleanse for the face.  So I made a paste with about a tablespoon of the rose water and about quarter cup moringa leaves.


So here goes the entire routine.

1. Wash – I started by washing my face with a white soap that we normally get from the neighbouring French countries.   It gave my face a good wash and it felt nice and clean.  I rinsed with cool water then lightly dabbed my face dry


2.  Cleanse –  I applied the moringa and rose water paste and left on for five to ten minutes.  At this point I felt a little tingle, burning sensation.. think this might have been because I rubbed my face a bit too hard today with some tissue (*hides face*)… Oh and please note how I made sure those little pesties were well covered hahaha


3.  Rinse – I rinsed using equal amounts of rose water and spring water (luckily we have that readily available in Dominica).  I decided on the spring water because the tap water is too harsh with the added chlorine due to recent water issues… When done rinsing dab dry with a towel


4.  Moisturize  – I moisturized using a small amount of coconut oil and massaged it into my face for about two minutes


And voila!!! Short and sweet!!!


My face feels soooooooo good… I am just hoping that it helps with getting rid of those pesky pimples…

Looking forward to the next few days of this routine.


Kisses Lovies,

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