Beauty All Around…

Hi Lovies,

It is a beautiful and quiet Sunday.

I am no photographer but I love capturing moments.  Whenever I purchase a new phone a good camera has got to be one of the highest selling points for me, and not just for taking photos of myself but of everyone and everything around me

I was walking through my yard and just outside into the neighbourhood and could not help but capture the beauty that was all around me.

My biggest discovery was to find a few castor trees just around the corner from my house.. imagine my surprise when I told my husband about it and he said “oh yah I knew they were there all the time!!” .. like really dude???!! sister could have been using these seeds for castor oil a long time ago smh…. But now I’m gonna have to monitor them like a hawk because  I have no idea who else is monitoring.. hahaha


lovely castor seeds

But walking around was so relaxing and seeing so much beauty in the little things was so breathtaking for me.

Here are a few of the shots I took….



smell rose


Kisses Lovies,

singature for blog


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