Empowering our Youth – Through Encouragement

Hi Lovies,

When I decided to write this post, I started by using paper and pencil because I wanted to put all my thoughts down before doing a final typing for publishing.  And even as I type, thoughts are still going through my mind on the best way to approach this matter because of its sensitive nature.

I am pretty sure that quite a few would have heard about the allegations of sexual misconduct by prominent men in society.  I can tell you honestly, that I was totally ignorant of all that was being said about this matter prior to the Prime Minister’s comments upon his return to island on Tuesday.  It was hearing his commitment to ensure that the matter will be looked at that peaked my interest and I started listening and reading.  Then in little time I heard of a resignation of a minister and the detaining of a businessman by the police.  I think this lack of information on my part is due mainly to always wanting to be surrounded by positivity, but maybe I should listen a bit more; just maybe I should pay a bit more attention to the negativity in order to be able to help change it.

As an advocate for the reduction and elimination of gender based violence and abuse I can’t help but condemn these allegations.  While I am not informed enough about this particular situation to go into full discussion and keeping in mind that it is “alleged”, I can’t deny that this form of abuse is nothing new and is hurting the youth of our society.

I have seen a few people post on Facebook expressing disgust at the comments made about the young lady in question.  I always consider myself blessed that I do not see these types of comments on my news-feed but from the sentiments shared by concerned persons if that bashing is indeed happening then it is saddening.  We should not allow ourselves to be blinded by any means that we refuse to see the immoral behaviour and illegality of a situation.  We should not allow for such behaviour to continue in our society where the naivete and weakness of the minds of our youth are preyed on by those who seek personal satisfaction.

But in this situation it is best for us to use it as a means of encouraging our young people.  Encourage them to stand firm against these types of situations that they may not regret later in life.  Encourage them to be strengthened knowing that there are people out there who are in support of them.  Encourage  them to know that it takes one person to make a difference and to be an agent for change.  We always chant that the youth are the future of the country so let’s encourage and help them to build that future they can be proud of.

We recently saw the launch of the Girl Power Rocks movement held at the Isaiah Thomas Secondary School – that in itself is already a start at empowering our young women.  Let’s not forget the words shadow flow sang to us just recently – “if each one could reach out and teach one, then we could become that beautiful land all of us envision.”

So let’s stand firm in this situation and encourage our youth to be the best that they can be.

I have also published this post as a statement on my YouTube channel. Click Here to view


Kisses Lovies,

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