Youth Empowerment for Mission

Hi Lovies,

In a world where so much negativity exists it is always refreshing for me to focus more on the good that happens and hope that it can spread light to those who need it most.

On Sunday February  28, 2016 we saw 11 young ladies of the St. Martin Secondary School consecrated as members of the St. Peter the Apostle mission group.

You know at that mass, one of the things that stood out most for me was hearing Bishop Malzaire say ” we learn to camouflage in the world today and try to keep ourselves from people… we are afraid of letting people know who we really are… the things we should be afraid of we are not afraid of them” … Loved hearing that and it reminded me of the new motto for my brand “Dare to be You”.

He also called on the young ladies to “follow the missionary challenge to be witnesses to Jesus and to the Gospel”.  “We cannot have Jesus in our lives and keep Him to ourselves”, he noted, “we have to share him… when we are out there people should know we are Christians… there is freedom in Christ and He makes us witnesses”.

Proud Principal of the St. Martin Secondary School Mrs. Andra Christian thanked the young ladies for their commitment to the group considering the the difficulty for young people to commit in the era in which we live.

This marks the first group within the entire Caribbean to be consecrated to the mission of St. Peter the Apostle, so kudos to the young ladies on this momentous occasion and may they serve well on this mission, and inspire the hearts of other to follow suite.

Here are a few photos from the activity…

20160228_112719[1]20160228_100751[1] 20160228_101128[1]20160228_102607[1]

20160228_100402[1] 20160228_105758[1]


For more information on this mission and how it started you can visit …


Kisses Lovies,

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