Review – Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

Hi Lovies,

This is my first product review and I thought what better product to start with than one that is super yummy and aids very well with not just my hair but my skin and nails as well.

The Nature’s Bounty hair, skin and nails gummies are amazing.  The first time I tried Nature’s bounty was back in 2013 and used the tablets back then… I am not a fan of taking tablets because I do not like the feel of them going down my throat so I had stopped taking them for a while.  So when I saw the gummies recently I decided to give them a try and I’m in love.

Let me start by telling you that the most difficult part about taking these vitamins is finding the strength to not eat more than the recommended daily amount… because I tell you!!! those gummies taste sooo good…


My nails are growing faster and much stronger and my skin is smoother and the tone of my face has actually evened out nicely since using this product.  Since my hair already grew at a nice rate even before taking the product I am giving some time still to determine whether it has helped increase the growth rate although I have seen a little more growth in the last two months of taking it than previous months but I will continue to monitor.

The label says it provides the nutrients needed to support lustrous hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin and so far I think for me it has definitely been working well and I love it…

product love

So if you are looking for a supplement for hair, skin and nails the Nature’s Bounty is a good option to look at.


Kisses Lovies,

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