All Kinds of Fluish!!!

Hi Lovies,

So I am sitting under covers writing this post just to keep up to date… I have not been able to gather my thoughts nicely all week in order to publish all that’s going on in my head because of the flu…

This flu is no walk in the park… I am not sure what name they gave it this year but I tell you it’s rough… It has me feeling  like I went to carnival from j’ouvert to last lap, even took my voice like I was screaming and jumping to a carnival band.. Alas!!  But no, I don’t do carnival jumping so I guess it’s just normal “in the air” stuff.

But thankfully, it affected only my nose and throat with lots of coughing and stuffiness.  I had no fever and no headaches and just had a little body pains the first day *knocks wood* lol.. hahaha at least my humor is still in tact.  The stuffiness can be very unbearable but it could be worse.

I started looking for a  whole lot of ways to help with curing the flu, but in searching one of the things I came across was that it is best to let it run its course (hmmmm).. It helps the body’s defense system in fighting against illness so rather than cure it, it may actually be best to let the body do its healing in its time.  So in the meantime I am keeping those vitamins very close along with some local bush teas and just waiting for it to do what it does.

Here’s hoping that I can get a few posts published over the week-end.

Talk to you soon..


Kisses Lovies,

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