Touching Base !!!

Hi Lovies,

I have been missing in action for the past two weeks or so due mainly to studies and beginning of semester sessions and classes.  It has been quite hectic so far but I am coping quite nicely and more and more I am getting back in the groove.

This is just a quick post to touch base to let you all know that all is well and I will be starting back writing from this week.

Ohh!!  let me share with you my protective style I did for February.  After taking down last months style I put in some bantu knots and wore them for a few days before putting in the new style..  here are a few pics of both do’s.

bantu knots.jpg

I absolutely loved the curly puff that I got from those three day old bantu knots!!


protective style 2

This flat twist style was inspired by naturally michly…

In an effort to ensure that those ends are always protected, and since my hair is not able to keep in flat twists for more than a week, I will be tweaking the challenge just a bit for those times when I put in flat twist.. So in a month I do decide to put in flat twist I will put in twice a month and wear for one week with one or two week breaks in between…

We are currently in carnival mode in Dominica (although not for me lol)… so expect a summary post on all activities later today or tomorrow..

Later for now Lovies..




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