Back In the Day – Part 1

It was the first day of summer and we were excited to get on that bus and take the long drive to the country.  With much anticipation, we already started formulating in our minds how much fun we were going to have and what we wanted to do. The bus ride seemed never ending but the beautiful scenery on the way prevented it from being boring.

We had gotten to the entrance now… the trees to the left swaying in the breeze as the ocean crashes on the grey, shapely rocks.  To the right those tracks that I looked at so daringly knowing I wanted to venture to the garden ahead soon.. The bus drove past the bridge and we were here.  We could see those boozy red “zaman” (known as almond) hanging from the tree in front the church and I knew right then that this was my first stop.

We went into the house and greeted the grandparents, and we were off.  We pulled down the branches that were close enough to reach and using sticks and stones when we needed to because we had to get our hands on those zaman.  Lips red from every one of them we ate being sure to save those shells for what lies inside.  We ventured to the river side to look for that perfectly shaped stone to break the shells open to eat the nut inside.  Ahhhhhhh !!! the sweet country life… and what a summer were about to have.  We knew nothing of TV, phone or computer back then.  It was about getting out there in the open space and making our own fun.

We walked around for a bit to greet everyone and to meet up with our cousins with whom we would be causing much mischief *hides face*… Ofcourse, our first day would not be complete without heading to the river.  “Fan des woches” was the most popular spot then and that little bassèn with a stone right there allowed for nice diving and we loved it.  We were sure to pick up some veos to take back to cook and enjoy.

Our first day was done.  At the end of the day we went into the house and looked out that “down door” into the distance and knew that there was much awaited fun and we were ready to begin our adventure.. Ready to jump out that door onto the ground we thought “Summer here we come!!”

(why did we call that door “down door” though?? hmmmm I feel some research coming on)


Look out next week, Lovies, for more adventures to come as we continue our “Back in the Day” series.

As always thank you for reading, commenting and sharing.



Kisses Lovies,





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