Back In the Day !!

“And make sure you pick up every leaf from the yard”.  Then when you think you done, you turn around to find that the spot you just cleaned is filled with leaves again because it’s a windy morning. Back in the day when cleaning was a daily chore.

You sit by waiting patiently as your grandmother makes that breadfruit ton ton and red fish sauce hmm hmm hmm.. and you try to play brave and eat that hotttt pepper that she just put in whole on her plate…. blowing hard, tongue out and fanning, like as if that would stop the burn, because the heat is too much for you.  Back in the day when ton ton was king.

And those long hours at the river, using an old milk tin to make a jot with veo, crayfish and fig.  Then you hear your name loud in the distance calling for you to come home because you have been in the water way too long.  You run up that little hill but almost not wanting to be seen “pis yeux nous rouge kon flam difay” LOL… and hands white and wrinkly, almost numb.  Back in the day when crayfish and veo ruled.

Then Christmas came and your grandfather killed that pig and we all wanted that tongue to roast… c’est pouchie nous ka palay kon sa… And the meat placed on the “galtar” in the outside kitchen to dry and you sneak by every now and then to grab a piece..  “Ti moun ani sorti la”.. those little legs speed across to run and hide…  Back in the day when we all had fun…


Hi Lovies,

Say hello to back in the day!!!

This will be a series of short stories which will depict life growing up before social media, cell phones and television.  Yet back then it was lots of childhood fun.

This series will be published every Saturday for the next few weeks.

I do hope you enjoyed this little taste of what is to come and stay tuned for more.


Kisses Lovies,



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