It Only Takes One !!!

Hi Lovies,

Wow… It has been a rather interesting week.  I want to thank all of you for reading my “Dominica and Pageantry” post  Thanks to all of you who were inspired and courageous enough to speak up after reading my post.  To all who were in disagreement and made suggestions I thank you for those as well – those negative remarks have actually challenged me to do something much greater which I will reveal to you all in due time.

But what this has shown me is that it only takes one person to make a difference.  One person coming forward and expressing their thoughts and opinions sparks the fire in so many more to do the same.  It is through constructive criticism that we are able to grow.  If we sugar coat all the time, then we are doing no justice to the ones we are expecting to get better.  If we do not demonstrate honesty in our feedback or critic then we hurt the very ones we are trying to help.  Withholding true feedback keeps them growing into the best that they can be.  So if in your heart you know someone is not doing well don’t say they are out of fear of hurting  them, because guess what, the pain they will feel when they find out that they were bad all along and you never told them will be worse.

So Lovies, thanks again for all your support and I look forward to your continued comments on more posts to come.  Remember … It only takes one to make a change; one to inspire a multitude of people; one to keep a fire burning… for when that one person can burn a fire in themselves then they are able to light a spark in others that they too will be inspired to do and be better.



Kisses Lovies,


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