Study Tips for the working Wife and Mother

Hi Lovies,

As I approach the start of a new semester with the UWI Open Campus I can’t help but feel a little nervous.  Although I am excited since I am near the end, I am nervous because I have not been actively studying for the past year and a half or so and to me it feels like starting over.  When I started, I wished that there were someone who would have pulled me aside and given me some tips in order to flow more smoothly into the online studies process and challenges…  And being a mom and wife with a full time job makes it more difficult but with the right approach it becomes easier.

So today I share with you some of the tips that I have learnt and adopted over the last couple years and if you do decide to venture into studying online you are able to follow some of them in order to have a somewhat easier experience.

Here goes …

1.  Time Management – this has got to be one of the most important aspects of studying online. Managing your time and doing so effectively plays a great role in the success of your studies. I have found that putting a schedule in place has greatly helped in doing so.  Every minute has to be used wisely because a minute lost is a lot when you have so many responsibilities in one day.

2.  Don’t procrastinate – because the assignment is due in two weeks does not mean you can’t get a start on it now. Starting early means you are able to do as much as possible in order to hand in a well written/prepared paper for marking.  Rushing to complete it at the last minute may cause you be too stressed to include all the information that you want to, then after submitting you are going to be like “shoot, I should have included that in the assignment”.. yup this was me a couple times, lol

3.  Studies for Exams start as the Semester begins – Yes it begins as soon as the semester begins, why?? because the topics and assignments that you cover during the semester are what will essentially make up part of the exams.  The questions may come differently but it is the same material, so use the entire semester to understand everything that is taught and ask ALL questions you need to in order to ensure that you have a good grasp of the material.  You can’t study in one week what you should have learnt in three months.  That will cause stress on your brain and thoughts and you won’t be able to retain much in such a short space of time, which will cause pressure during the exam.  So ensure that your exam studies begin as soon as classes resume.

4.  Don’t do too much – Only do the amount of courses you are able to handle. When choosing your courses for semester always look at a summary of what the course is expected to be like so as to balance courses well.  Doing three “heavy” courses in one semester may prove easy for some and might be difficult for you.  Know your limits and your potential so that you are able to mix your courses in a way that it does not cause too much pressure and stress.  Also select the number of courses dependent on your other commitments and how much time each course may require.

5.  Don’t’ Stress – Of course taking on studying, a full time job and a family will not be easy, but hey, what is? The more you stress the more difficult it becomes.  So remaining calm and centered helps a lot with keeping your thoughts clear in order to process and retain what you study.  Over the years I have found that meditation helps with keeping me centered and relaxed, and not just with my studies but life in general,  so that is an avenue worth trying.

6.  Always Eat – this might seem obvious but sadly it is not. Always be sure to eat when needed as it will ensure that your energy levels remain high.  Long days of work and nights of studying and being with family can and will take a toll if you are not keeping properly hydrated and energized.  So ensure that you always make time to eat and keep hydrated.

7.  Have Fun – Sometimes having fun while studying can be hard but guess what, the more fun you have the easier you will find it becomes. Having fun ensures that you approach your studies with positive thoughts and enthusiasm which will manifest in the quality of work that your produce and when that feeling of joy and pride comes after getting that “A” in a course, there is that sense of satisfaction that makes it all worthwhile.

So these are my top tips Lovies.  Hope this helps in one way or another whether you are just starting off as a student or continuing.

Have you adopted any other tips that have helped in your study journey?? Comment below to share.

All the best !!!


Kisses Lovies,


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