Dominica and Pageantry

Hi Lovies,

I am putting the disclaimer that this will be my first angry post.  My fingers could not help but type this so I went along and let them type.  And I believe that if something is wrong we should say it’s wrong so as to make it better right???

So here goes …

Have we become so backward in our thinking that we just choose to settle for mediocrity?

I was quite appalled, to say the least, by the released photos of the young ladies who are to take part in the National Queen Pageant.

Now before you bash and say “oh the girls are under pressure when they go up for queen and no-one knows what it is like, or you would not be able to do what the girls are doing” I too went up for queen.  I took part in the pageant in 2002 and in 2004 represented Dominica at the queen of the world competition in Germany where I was one of the top twelve from 44 participating countries.  So yes I do know what it takes… but I also know that we are going nowhere with pageantry in Dominica.  Unless we put in place the right structures and move with the times and the evolution of pageantry we will get nowhere.

While I admire the girls for their bravery amidst all the criticism, there also has to be some sense of responsibility on the part of the organizing committees and the chaperons assigned to assist the girls.  Chaperons, you should know better.  Some of the girls go into the pageant with no clue as to what to expect and with no real knowledge of what pageantry involves.  But I pause for a moment “do we even know, in Dominica, what pageantry is??? Pageantry is not a hobby, it is not a game, it not just some fun thing you go into to win a prize and is it not just a quick money making stunt, to most of the world it is a job and yes it takes work, hard work.  So you can’t just wake up one morning and say “oh yah, I think I will take part in this show today”.

Now I am sorry because this post seems very harsh, but I am a firm believer that where someone fails you are to indicate the faults to them so as to make them better.  Whether they want to take it in good faith and improve is totally up to them.  I understand that the girls don’t have sponsors but hey guess what?? do like the rest of the world and get the designers to showcase their stuff by building outfits for the girls to wear… because although there is the absence of “sponsors” don’t be fooled that there will be at least one girl who will have an edge over the others because of her “team” and her “connections” and the “team’s” connections.  Don’t pretend that we don’t know in Dominica is “who know you”.

It saddens my heart that the girls had to be subjected to such a mediocre photo-shoot and what makes it worse is that no one saw it necessary to do a second shoot and trash those photos that were released.  I would have thought that one of the aims of releasing the photos would be to entice the sponsors to come on board but alas alas !!!

I know I am going to get some lashing for this and my phone may be ringing whole day tomorrow, but I think this has to be said in order to send a message to the necessary people to take the necessary steps to improve on the pageant that we call our “National Queen Pageant”.  Enough is enough.  I think it unfair that the young ladies had to be subjected to the bashing they received on social media for something that was not entirely their fault.  I am sorry to who is offended but I do hope that it helps in changing the way we look at things on our beautiful island.  Forward we go!!

Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting.

I Thank You!!


Kisses Lovies,


16 thoughts on “Dominica and Pageantry

  1. I endorse this post 1 zillion percent. My goodness I would think it’s team effort committee members, chaperones, contestants, photographers etc to view the results of a shoot together and decide jointly what’s posted.
    Mediocrity isn’t accepted the contestants don’t deserve that.
    #WeMUSTdo better!

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  2. I totally agree. Was an avid supporter of the Queen show but it’s become so lackluster that I’m not interested at all, in who wins, loses or draws. It’s almost as if our little speck of land has absolutely no knowledge of pageantry or we do not have the capacity to evolve. It’s disheartening to see the girls go through this. I mean who wants to be under this level of scrutiny for nothing.

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  3. While I understand your frustration, I believe as a former contestant who benefited from being Miss Dominica in the past, a genuine attempt at a dialog with Pageant organizers regarding your concerns should have been your first choice for addressing your concerns. Putting the organization and participants on blast does little to solve the issue. Sometimes a gentler approach could work wonders, with so much experience in that area, your advice could mean so much. I say If you can’t or will not be a part of the solution then you’re only another link to the problem.

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    • This was a well executed post. Anonymous you all only want to hear that good and quick to take offense when folks are talking the truth of the issues that is face with current committees and organizations in Dominica. Firstly you can on the person blog so for that please receive what is said and make lemonade from it. To many of time i myself have reached out to the committee and if its not a monetary contribution they dont want to listen.


  4. Thank you for this! All of it! You are too right.
    The saddest part is that the pageanty could be of a very high standard but sytems are not in place to exploit their potential in Dominica.
    The mere concept that contestants are forbidden to promote themselves on Social Media is obvious that the committe has totally lost the plot on how sponsors need to see that their brands will be promoted and DFC/ DDA lose an opportunity to challenge these ladies on social media promotions of the country to a whole different demographic!

    There is no museum for costumes, so no establishment of the artform as having significance for cultural growth and economic development.

    Unless pushed by their sponsors and finacially supported during their reign the queens would sit on a shelf until next carnival.

    This is truly as you say a real pity that Dominica Queen show Committee although extremely hard workers putting on a great show are a volunteer committee with no time or resources to make this into an industry. The queen show committee members work like dogs for nothing we must also remember that.

    Let us see if posts like these can have a positive impact on our country’s development.

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  5. MumNatural, being a former Dominica National Queen Pageant does not give you the go ahead to commence “bashing” any queen contestant however ill-prepared they may be. It does however, give you the platform to highlight the stresses of the pageant world, for as you have said it really is serious business. I often find it in very poor taste how contestants, who have gone through public court, turn around and begin throwing stones themselves. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, indeed. However, you should stand in solidarity of the young ladies, having shared similar experiences. Speak to the young ladies privately and let your public voice be one of constructive criticism. If “pageantry is going nowhere in Dominica”, MumNatural, let your actions do the talking and bring to where it is meant to be. Good Luck!


    • Nowhere in my post did I bash the young ladies.. I was actually stating how appalled I was at the level of shoot that they had been given and how unfair it is to them.. My post in no way bashed and was meant as constructive criticism to move things forward…It is because I stand in solidarity with them I stated that they should have been given another shoot and not be allowed to be subject to the rants that they received on social media


  6. I think this post is fitting to the times. Instead of the committee progressing, each year they digress. Further to, there needs to be some level of consistency and I have said this before in other forums. I noticed that two contestants are beautifully dressed, makeup is on point and overall they looked more edgy, more with the times and that is Nawana and Britney… I zoomed in on some of the pictures and the makeup was horrendous, one young lady looked like she had a wig on. I mean come on, we can do better than this!

    Last year there was consistency with the hair and makeup and everyone seemed to stand a fair chance… I said the committee finally got it! But this year just terrible and knowing the committee, I can only imagine why they digressed and went below standards.

    I would like to agree with you that these people have no idea what pageantry is all about. Within the committee there’s too much hypocrisy. The people who are involved have no idea about pageantry, they are not professional, they gossip about the young women. It’s just terrible! I know this first hand because I work with the committee. I am advocating for a new committee, new standards!

    All the young ladies should be given a fair chance.They should all receive the same attention. One should not receive preferential treatment and it happens year after year. In Nadira’s year and Francine’s year, they treated both girls as underdogs because they were from the Carib Territory and Grandbay respectively. I won’t go further except you already know the outcome. Congratulations to the girls for overcoming.

    This is the perfect opportunity to nurture and to help these young women grow. There should be a pageantry academy so to speak where these women are trained in various areas for a period of time a year in advance so they are well groomed and prepared for the National Pageant

    People need to get it together, small minded people will never see past their shoes far less a committee.

    You are courageous for speaking out but I’m sure you will be negatively bashed and blacklisted by the committee. They don’t view anything as constructive criticism or as a means to change. The Queen Show is Dominica’s not the heads that be within the committee and further more they are probably the reasons why sponsors are not coming on board!

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