Wash day Results/ Sibling Night Out

Hi Lovies,

This was my hair after taking down the chunky plaits.

take down

The roots were still a bit wet but took them down so that I could style it to go out.  The quickest thing I could think of was to just brush it into a faux hawk and I was out the door


Which brings me to the second part of my post..



My sister who lives in Montserrat and visits home from time to time came for the Christmas break and whenever she is here we go on a sibling outing.

This time around we decided to head to Fusion, located on Old Street in Roseau, Dominica.  Now let me tell you, anyone who knows me well know that I LOVE my food… Yes I love food, don’t let my size fool you LOL…

The ambiance of that place is amazing.  From entering I was already pleased with the selected colours and decor of the restaurant.  We were escorted to the sitting area to the back of the building where soft music played in the background setting just the right pace for a quiet yet fun evening.

I ordered a glass of merlot wine and by the time I got to half the glass I felt like I was already spinning LOL!! I am so not a drinker and that glass was huge.  I ordered the chicken Parmesan with a side of fresh salad and mashed potatoes… Pause for a moment remembering how good the food was “simplemente delicioso”



After eating we sat there for a while just talking and joking around.  And then we decided to take a peak in the gaming place which was pretty exciting because we won a few bucks… hahahahaha…  Following that we attempted to go to a few more places for drinks but most were closed, I’m guessing because of the Calypso quarter finals show which was on.

But all in all it was a good night… we had fun.  Good time, good fun, good company…



So CHEERS to another great sibling outing… looking forward to the next!!



Kisses Lovies



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