2016 Hair Resolutions… “Hair-solutions”

Hi Lovies,

At the start of a new year we often times make resolutions of what we want to do and accomplish for the year and how we plan to accomplish those goals.

This year I have decided to put together a list of hair resolutions for 2016 , hair-solutions if you will … you got it right??? resolution to have solutions for my hair .. Lol

So here goes Lovies… these are my top hair resolutions for 2016:

1. Be more patient – I sometimes don’t follow my nightly routine because it is so time consuming and tiring, and depending on the time I get home I want to just shower and head right to bed.  So this year I am going to be more patient in order to follow my nightly routine, which brings me to number two…

2. Stick to my nightly routine – I have so many times noticed the difference on my strands in the morning after doing the moisturizing and sealing at nights but yet sometimes I fail to do so.  So my nightly routine will consist of a mix that I have recently started using in my spray bottle and cuts the time by half.  I mix 1 tablespoon shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie, 1 tablespoon castor oil and 6 ounces of water in my spray bottle.  When I spray a little I get everything in one go.  I then just twist or plaits and in the morning those strands are super soft and moisturized.

3. Do more frequent treatments – this is something I don’t think I did enough of for the last half of 2015.  So this year I am aiming to get a hot oil or deep conditioning done every month, alternating between the two, except for the times when my hair may be in a protective style.  That way I get in at least one treatment for the month and where necessary will do a second.

4. Do more protective styling – This is something I have struggled with for years.  I love doing stuff with my hair and this “hand in hair syndrome” is very real trust me, and always having the need to be doing something in my hair has kept me from doing protective styling for extended periods.  So this year I plan to give my strands and scalp a break every now and then and do at least one protective style every month.  This may be my hardest hair-solution but I am determined to make it work

5. Drink more water – I have noticed that the more water I drink the better I feel.  There is a nicer glow on my skin, I feel less tired and ofcourse my hair shines more.  I am used to doing the recommended 8 glasses a day (and I fell short on some days) but my aim is to double that amount daily.  I am also going to add to it some flavoured water using available fruits and citrus which may be in season in order to add some flavour and also the necessary vitamins from the fruits.

6. Wet my hair Less – yes, wet my hair less.  For the past couple weeks since I started using the shea moisture products I have found myself going away from “wetting my hair at least three times a week” routine because I have been doing more styling using the products.  And in doing that I have found that it has put less pressure on my strands and scalp because I no longer wet it in the morning and just throw it in a puff or let it out because it was wet.  This also caused for dryness on my strands because during the morning hustle I would just wet and leave without taking enough time to moisturize and seal.  So wetting is good, but only when done properly.  So this year I will limit the wetting to once a week apart from washing, unless there is absolute need to do so.

So that’s my top six solutions Lovies.  I am almost certain that more will come up as time progresses but these are my top for this year.

What are your hair resolutions this year?? Leave a comment below to share.


Kisses Lovies,



8 thoughts on “2016 Hair Resolutions… “Hair-solutions”

  1. Well I pretty consistent at maintaining my routine. Washing weekly or every two weeks in my hair resolution.

    As it relates to sealing in moisture I have been advised that even if the moisturizing mix contains oil I still need to seal in moisture.

    Thanks for sharing your hair resolutions.

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  2. Well I have been very consistent at maintaining my routine. Washing weekly or every two weeks and deep conditioning is my hair resolution. Deep conditioning is something I never did for two years and since I commenced I have seen a huge difference with my hair.

    As it relates to sealing in moisture I have been advised that even if the moisturizing mix contains oil I still need to seal in moisture and that I have been practicing cause it was not part of my regime before.

    I need also to stick to one set of products over at least six months to ascertain its effect on my hair instead of trying different products.

    Thanks for sharing your hair resolutions and tips with us.

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    • you are most welcomed.. for me I have found that the shea moisture smoothie seals in my moisture very well, so the mix works well for me in keeping my hair moisturized all day long. All the best on your hair resolutions


  3. This hair resolutions is a really good idea…..I need to start putting my list together asap. I don’t think I’ve been giving my hair the TLC that it needs. Nightly routine being at the top cause as of now it is nonexistent lol. I think I’ll try your idea with the mixture in the spray bottle esp since it may take up less time cause that’s one of my main issues. I have a 4 month old and I’m a teacher so squeezing in nightly routines are sometimes difficult when I do get the time to do it I’m just too tired. Great idea. Using your list as inspiration *smiles*

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  4. I like the protective hair style as an option. I’ve been protecting my hair for about a year with crochet braids and I absolutely love them. I also agree with you about wetting your hair. Before crochet I probably wet my hair everyday just to style it. Lastly, it took me time to get on the water band wagon but I can’t go without water now – I keep gallons of water in the house (I don’t drink tap water lol). Great read and thanks for sharing!

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