First Wash Day for 2016

Hi Lovies,

It’s wash day, and it’s my first for 2016 so I am starting the year off with a treatment.  One of my hair resolutions (hair-solutions) this year is to do more regular treatments in order to maintain moisture and growth (full list of hair-solutions will be published soon).  But I must say, since I started using the Shea Moisture products I have felt like my hair can go longer without feeling the need to wash and that has helped greatly with my “hand in hair” issue.

So today, as part of including more hair related posts to the blog,  I share with you my wash day routine.  And no, it does not take hours upon hours… all you need is about 2 hours and you are done.  The 2 hours today is only because I am doing the treatment masque and need time to keep it on.

Players for today’s game are as follows:

wash day players


So here goes Lovies….

I section the hair into four sections.  I have found that as it grows and gets thicker, washing in sections makes for much easier handling, especially since my hands are not the biggest LOL!

hair sections

I shampoo each section using a small amount of the curl and shine shampoo.  A little goes a long way so no need for much.  Following the shampoo I apply the growth treatment to each section and detangle as well.  I then cover with a plastic cap for twenty to thirty minutes.

I rinse off while in the shower one section at a time.  I put about three chunk plaits in each section being sure to apply some castor oil before plaiting to keep in the moisture.  When done with all sections I give a final rinse then place my t-shirt cap and finish with my shower.

after rinse

Oh and yes it is a shirt… but rather than have to wrap up a whole shirt and have it feel heavy, I cut off a huge part in the sleeve area of the shirt and sew it up or tie it so it fits like a cap.. neat right!!!

When out of the shower and working on one plait at a time, I apply some of the curl enhancing smoothie to each plait then plait it up again. and voila!!  I tie it up with my satin scarf to remove all excess water and to prevent frizzing while drying.


So this is it.. this is basically my wash routine and took me under two hours to complete.  And not to mention there was minimum shedding, which I love very much..

shed hair

Did I mention that I loved that there was minimal shedding??? That’s how happy I am about it…

So that’s it Lovies, will do a further post to reveal the results after drying.

How was your first wash day for the year??? and what methods or techniques have given you the best results??  Leave a comment below to let me know.


Kisses Lovies,




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