Faith In The Storm

In the darkness of the shadows when all seems lost
A lifelong lesson to her it taught
That the cloud with but the darkest shade
Holds to it the brightest lining ever made
For there shone a bright new light
To awake and remove all fear and fright (J. Guiste)

Hi Lovies,

Let me start by extending Warm Season’s Greetings to all of you and wish you all the very best for the new year.

I have been missing for a little while mostly because of the Christmas Season.  My season was an enjoyable one and we had lots of family time and fun.  We celebrated the reason for the season and did our best to spread the cheer to all we could.

But the season did not come without its challenges.  While at church worshiping on Sunday December 27 our vehicle was broken into and my bag with all its contents and my husband’s wallet were stolen.   You know,  I have played that morning over and over in my mind trying to understand why I left my bag in the car… I have NEVER once went to church without my bag and Sunday was the first time ever I did so and not for the likes of me I understand why.  But then I thought back on the two days leading to Sunday and the only conclusion I could come to was “it had to happen”.

I spent the Saturday cleaning and during that time I cleared my bag of ALL documents including bank books for my kids, bank deposit slips, which by the way lists the account number to all my accounts.  I took off all my employment documents in a folder which I normally carry them and a few other documents here and there.  Not sure why on that day and for what reason since I normally only clear a bag when I empty the contents into another bag for work.  So after thinking of those things I stopped trying to understand why.  I stopped trying to figure out why I did not carry my bag with me into the church that morning.. because in doing so I found myself questioning the Will of my Father and was bordering on questioning my faith in Him and that was a path I definitely did not want to tread on.

The matter was ofcourse reported to the police withing minutes of noticing the incident had occurred and we were informed at the time of reporting that an investigating officer was not available and would contact us upon return.  For almost 24 hours not even a call we received and upon returning to the station after ten the Monday morning  and following my husband’s angry outburst (which I supported and enjoyed by the way *smile*) we were given some assurance that the matter would be dealt with thanks to the intervention of Mr. Weekes and another officer whose name I did not get.

In all of this, I have for sure had my down moments.  The situation really hit when I started going to the financial institutions the Monday morning and realised how much I had actually lost.  I actually broke into tears while speaking to the young lady at the National Bank of Dominica.  She was so kind during that short moment and offered her best wishes and I thank her tremendously for that because it helped me that morning.

But I say all this to say that with every situation we are faced with and every challenge that comes our way we somehow have to find the silver lining.  I have already forgiven the thief for what he did because if I don’t then my entire season would have been in vain based on the message that it really stands for – love, caring, sharing, forgiveness and peace.  I have faith that this situation, or this challenge, sent to me is another test along my journey of faith and I refuse to treat it as anything but that.  Some people question and say “but how could you have left all these things in your bag?” or “how could you have left the bag in the car?”.. and to that my response is “when the Will of the Lord has ordered something to happen there is nothing that man can do to prevent it”.  Yes I know that there are situations we can avoid, but think for a minute, whenever we pray the Lord’s prayer what do we say.. “thy kingdom come, thy will be done”.. so it is not our will but His.

There is much worse that could have happened and for that I say Thank You Lord!!!  We have so far gotten a tremendous outpouring of support and the questions as to how things are progressing have been non stop and I thank everyone for that.  So you see,  in the darkness of my situation has brought about a cloud of light which shows the caring and kind nature that our people still possess and that Lovies, is the reason for the season.  And if I had to be subject to this crime so that this lesson could be brought across then I am happy that God chose me.

So Lovies, Keep the faith and let’s continue to enjoy what is left of 2015 and move into 2016 with the confidence that all will be well.

I want to thank all of you who have supported this blog from the moment I started and look forward to your continued support in 2016 and beyond.

I love you all !!!

Kisses Lovies

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