Christmas is a Time – For Sharing

Hi Lovies,

I have been missing in action these past two weeks because I have been kept busy with Christmas preparations as well as preparations for the National Queen Pageant.  I, however, did not want to miss on posting this week writer’s corner.

In the spirit of Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birth I have chosen to highlight this poem which I think is most appropriate.  Do enjoy and look out for a few new posts this week…


Christmas is a Time – for Sharing  

By Barbara Laughlin

 Old stories passed down through the years

“what grandpa did one Christmas eve”

Had you laughing through your tears

 Christmas is a time – for caring

About your family, neighbours and friends

Lending a hand to others in need

before the season ends

 Christmas is a time – for giving

Presents that came from your heart

Watching the children, hearing their laughter

As the packages are torn apart

 Christmas is a time – for peace

When soldiers lay aside their guns

And raise a glass to peace and good will

To every father and every son

 Christmas is a time – for remembering

Family not with us on Christmas morn

And why people everywhere celebrate

The night our saviour was born



Kisses Lovies,


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