Poetry – Breaking the Chains

Hi Lovies,

I sat in the office today and my mind came on the launch of the 16 days of Activism Campaign against Gender-based violence.  While thinking my hand found its way to a pencil and note pad and I began to write.  The following was the result of that pencil to paper and I call it breaking the chains.

Breaking the Chains

She hides her face in the palm of her hands

Ashamed for the world to see

The scars, the bruises, the hurt

Her body no more it could take


She lifted her face with eyes so enlarged

Not a tear could make its way out

“Someone help me, please” she cried from within

But fear made her keep it inside


He approached her once more

And she pulled back afraid to know

For the blow that was coming

Would only bring her more pain


But something lifted her hands

What it was she did not know

And in amazement he froze in his steps

At the blow he had felt from her fragile hand


She stood up with strength

And walked right to him

“No more” she yelled

“I have found the courage I need”


You beat me and hurt me

And for years I stood by

Taking and taking and I stayed

Only because I loved you still


But today is my day, my day to break free

And away from all the chains you have put around me

I have found the strength I need

To be the woman I know I can be


Tears ran down her face

As she slowly walked away

Her heart filled with joy

As her new journey was about to begin …


A year had gone by

And she was still happy and free

No regret for the day she walked away

Now she is the woman she wants to be


She smiles and walks tall

With head always held high

Proud of herself

For standing up and saying good-bye


She dared to gain the strength

She dared to break free

She dared to be woman

And be all she wanted to be


She is a woman strong and proud

And she screamed and shouted it out loud

Because she stood for her rights and what she believed

That she has the power and the right to live.



dare to be woman

Kisses Lovies,







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