Dare to Be Woman !

Hi Lovies,

In May of 2014 I had started a drive which I dubbed “Dare to be Woman”.  A drive that I wanted to take on in order to empower and inspire women to being the best version of themselves.  I felt at the time that there had been so much going on and providing an avenue of strength for women seemed so fitting.  

Back then I had taken a break from the dare because circumstances made it difficult for me to push it the way I wanted to.  But those circumstances have changed and today I feel obliged to rekindle that fire and to be that voice to women who may be in need of a voice.  It hurts my heart to hear of the recent incidents of violence against women and like I mentioned in my special feature on Domestic Violence, the onus is on all of us to create awareness on this issue.

So today I dare you…

I dare you to:

Stand up for your rights;

Stand Up against discrimination;

Stand Up against poverty;

Stand Up against degrading and denigrating comments.

Embrace the real you;

Embrace your true Power;

Embrace your Strength;

Embrace your abilities.

Accept who you are:

Accept the Challenges that you face;

Accept that there is a greater Power;

Accept that things are not always as we want them to be.

Commit to Change;

Commit to Grow;

Commit to be Better;

Commit to Striving for the Best.

Go Out and Be You;

Go Out and make a Difference;

Go Out and be a Blessing to Another;

Go Out and find your True Calling.

Declare that you are Blessed and Highly Favoured;

Declare that you can do all things thought Christ who Strengthens you;

Declare that it is well with your Soul;

Declare that a new beginning is in sight for you;

Declare that you will Succeed.

So Stand Up, Embrace, Accept, Commit, Go Out and Declare –

That you are Strong;

That you are Invincible;

That you are WOMAN…

It was Brigham Young who said – “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.”

Do you Dare to be Woman? If you are with me on this dare like and share this post to your page with the status Dare to Be Woman.  It is time that we stand with a united voice to stamp out the issue of violence against women and girls.


Kisses Lovies



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