Pearls and Curls

Hi Lovies,

So the Pearls and Curls Natural Hair Workshop hosted by Jodie Dublin-Dangleben on Saturday November 14, 2015 was to me a big hit from start to end.  All the lovely ladies who attended came adorned with their lovely pearls and those beautiful curls.  Even my little princess was in attendance and her hair was shining in all its glory.


I walked into a partially empty room being the “like to be on time” person that I am.  But as the workshop progressed and chairs started filling up and additional chairs had to be requested then you can know that this is something quite a few were eagerly waiting to attend.

The workshop began with a word of prayer and then we dived right into the meat of the matter and were given the history of black hair.  Mrs. Dangleben explained why our hair is the way it is and with the aid of a very well put together power point presentation she flowed from one area of interest to another.

IMAG0038(that curls on fleek top tho

(Anyway… moving along .. LOL)

She touched on the acidity of our hair and advised on the importance of using products which are closest to the hair’s pH level.  I leant from her too that there are single pH testing strips available at a local drugstore which can be used to test the levels in the products that we use – I will definitely be testing this out and see what happens.

One of the things that stood out for me was the diagram which shows various ingredients and products their pH levels.  The first I looked for was the ingredient in relaxer… Note from the diagram that Lye is the element with the highest pH level on the alkalinity scale.  We know what that means right??? Bad for the hair.  But it also showed why products like apple cider vinegar and aloe vera juice are so raved about for our hair – they are very close to the natural pH level

The workshop touched on various tips and advice on how best to care for and style our natural hair.  Length retention is one of our biggest problems right?  Mrs. Dangleben advises that using the right products, eating right, moisturising and overall great hair care are the key factors to aid in that area.

The session was an interactive one with various questions from those within the room and with some humour here and there it made it a fun session as well.  The workshop which lasted just under two hours was informative and interactive from start to finish and I felt like it could still have gone on for another hour without having me feel bored.

Jodie has surely grown into a natural hair guru here in Dominica and has mastered natural hair care over the years.  Her passion for hair care and her willingness to help others and her ease with being able to answer every question asked was clearly demonstrated at the workshop.  I had hoped to see a demonstration on one of here many hairstyles but all in all I say the workshop was a success.  Hats of to Jodie Dublin-Dangleben and do keep up the good work.

little sis rocking her curls and pearls

little sis rocking her curls and pearls

small section of the audience

small section of the audience

purchasing some the

purchasing some of the “hair goodness”

this piece of decor caught my eye

this piece of decor caught my eye

Kisses Lovies,



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