Know Your Emotions

Have you ever had a dream and saw a particular person in that dream and you got up the morning and your mood was just ruined because of that dream?  And the grumpy, angry emotion in your head just took over your whole being?  That was me this morning and let me tell you, these emotions can take over so easily if you let them and when they do everyone feels it.

I got up this morning and literally had to drag myself out of the bed because I felt like my morning had already been spoilt and just wanted to lie down all day.  So I went into the kitchen, made a cup of tea and proceeded to prepare myself for work.  Stupes! Stupes! Stupes! . . . oh my goodness that must have been the most times I said that in one morning and the more I said it the more I heard it from my mouth.  I saw the lips repeating the sound while in the mirror combing my hair and all I could think of was “you pouty, rude lips, you really on a run this morning”.  anger

I was in my own little bubble.  My husband had already noticed the little “meany” was out in her glory so knew he had to just leave her to it and do what he was doing without saying much . . .  Alas, poor guy knows her so well.

I left home later than usual, and decided to stop off to get something to eat and noticed that nothing was ready, so the mean chick’s eyebrows immediately went into a frenzy and her face said it all. I stormed out of the place and went to work.  Got to the office right on time and just sat there with my head in my hands for a few minutes Image result for sigh emoticon. . . Why did this dream have to spoil my morning?

Then I thought “but wait, I have not said my prayers for the morning”.  So I sat there in silence and began to pray, and slowly the anger started slipping away and I felt the side of my lips curl up into a smile and I felt the light and glory of this beautiful joymorning.  The happy, joyful emotion was back and I loved her.

I have learnt over the years that it is ok to get angry and upset, but the true test of character is how well we are able to lift ourselves out of that emotion back into our true selves.  The movie “inside out” is a true demonstration that we can’t function only on one emotion because it is that shift in emotions which makes us human.  The true strength comes with knowing when to recognise those emotions and how to get out of them when we need to.

So it is ok to get angry, but when you are able to recognise it, you know at those moments to remain in that little bubble so you don’t risk saying or doing anything you may later regret.  Embrace every emotion as being part of who you are and what makes you “you”.

Have you have similar situations when the smallest things come your way and turn your mood?? Drop a comment to share your experience.

Do have a wonderful day Lovies

closing pic

Kisses my Lovies


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