Hi Lovies,

Hope you all had a fantabulous week-end and are all set and ready to push forward to another productive work week.

Now I know Monday is one of the most dreaded days to quite a few of you but my mantra lately was best summed up using this photo

my day

I always aim to see the best in every day that we have been blessed to see knowing that we are able to make the best of  it.  Nancy Friedman put it nicely in her telephone doctor series when she said “choose your attitude in advance”… Today and everyday I wake up choosing to always walk with an overdose of positive attitude no matter what comes my way… why an overdose?? So that I can share some with those who may be in need of some positivity as they go through the day.share

With everything that has been going on this last few weeks, if there is at least one person, just one, whom you can bring a smile to then do that – today it begins with you.  Like Maya Angelou said “be a rainbow is someone’s cloud”.

So we welcome Monday with open arms because it is our day and we choose to take it head on because its is a fresh start, it is a chance to set a new tone for the rest of the week and it is a great day to be alive . . .

So have a marvelous “you” day Lovies


Kisses my Lovies


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