Love’s Little Things

My little sister said something the other day . . . it was so nice to hear her say it because that is something I say often and to know that she already understood that concept, brought joy to me… We were discussing and when I mentioned something that my husband had done, her reply was “awwww that’s nice that he thought of that, it’s those little things that matter you know”.

So I got up today with love on my mind and I started thinking. . . Do we really appreciate the way in which our spouse or mate shows us love every day?  Do we even see the times when that love is shown to us because it is not done in the way that we want or expect.

Then my mind started working on overdrive… what are those little things I see all the time that shows me that love? and suddenly they came to me in an instant.

I share a few with you today:

It is the way he lets me sleep an extra half hour in the morning and takes care of breakfast and lunch, because he knows I went to bed late doing an all nighter;

It is the way he gently holds and rubs my feet after a long day of work even without being asked;

It is feeling his hand massaging my scalp even at moments when I don’t ask and don’t expect it, just because he knows I like it when he does that;

It is the way he goes light on the sugar in the oatmeal because he knows my blood sugar has been elevated for a few days;

It is the way he forces his eyes to remain open even when it says “please let me go to sleep” because he knows how much I enjoy the last minutes of that movie;

It is the way he says to me “doh never sit and take a break  instead of doing everything one time” because he sees that I may be exhausting myself when I don’t need to;

It is the way he says to me “go ahead and complete your work on that assignment I will help the kids with their homework”;

And to top it off, it is the way he still looks at me after so many years, with that same love and passion in his eyes.

So thinking about this today showed me how blessed I am and how much love surrounds me in life’s everyday “little things”.

One of the things I learnt from a friend a long time ago is that “there is nothing as complex as simplicity”.  So often in love and relationships we underestimate or fail to appreciate the little things that our spouse/mate does to make us feel the love they have for us.  The saying “action speaks louder than words” holds so true when it comes to relationships, and for me showing the love means more than just saying it.  With the actions, I see and feel the genuine nature in which these small, but very huge gestures, are made and the love communicated through those little things touch more deeply than the words.  My heart is glad.

Can you identify with any of the “little things” in your relationship and life??  Leave a comment below to share.

Kisses my Lovies


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